We are a mobile space that can be anything you want us to do.

We can be whatever you want us to be.

We can be a full bar, an artisan beer bar, a cocktail bar (mocktails are good for children’s events), health bar, Prosecco, Pimms and vintage cream tea bar.

If we’re a gin and tonic bar, we’ll have artisan and ‘default’ gins to choose from and where possible we’ll use producers preferably local to you or us. We can theme the drink names to your event if you like. For example we’ve just done a carnival with Roald Dahl theme so our menu for the gin cocktails was a bit “ phizz-whizzing splatch winkle”. You’ve got the idea.

Heck we don’t even have to be a bar.

Lucille the Cheeky Mare horse box is very photogenic and likes the odd photo shoot, or corporate gig to keep your staff and clients happy.

On the corporate theme, we can be hired and branded, wrapped (be gentle with us), propped, pimped and dressed to your heart’s content, display and show off the product you’re selling or promoting. We can hire in additional equipment and props for your marketing if you need us to. Anything is possible. Lucille used to carry two horses in a previous life so she likes change.

Our horse box can promo your product be it drink, food or anything else. Get creative and jiggy with it. You can have your own staff on board to do the thing they do best if you have one of our mares/stallions behind the scenes.

We are a glass half full people.

We love a wedding and a party celebration or a festival. Call 07929 402753 for details, go for it… Cheers!

Equestrian event? It’s like going back home. We’d like to point out that other sporting events are available.

TV, Film, Photoshoot, Magazine and Radio. Ok, radio maybe too far, but Lucille loves her 15 minutes of fame now and again. Hashtag show-off.

Contact us today on 07741631367 or use the contact form below… cheers!